What’s in a society?

Professional development is important for sonographers as it is regularly linked to job satisfaction. However, at times, it can be difficult to attain due to life-circumstances, employment, and geographical location. One way of attaining both CPD points and achieving some of our own professional goals, is by joining a society.   Many of these societies are set up to deliver education and manage the CPD aspect of sonographer’s registration. So which society do you choose and is it worth being part of more than one? Over the years I’ve had a chance to be part of several vascular societies and I will go through some of the benefits of these societies which I found most useful.


Society of Vascular Ultrasound (SVU) (USA) 

This society delivers a broad range of high quality CPD material, including a weekly research newsletter.  One of the best features is Uconnect, which facilitates vascular community engagement. It also allows you to access sections of the previous conferences via ‘Essentials’ recordings, which is really useful!  The new vascular digest newsletter also delivers up to date research from the vascular world.  http://www.svu.org/


Society of Vascular Ultrasound – South East Asia (SVU SEA)

This society is free…yes free!!  The webinars they produce on a variety of vascular topics are world class!! Well worth checking out!  http://www.svusea.org/


Australian Sonographers Association (ASA)

This society delivers a large range of vascular education for all levels of sonographers.  There is a great feature called ‘ask the experts‘ where you can ask experienced vascular sonographers questions anonymously. Their magazine, Making Waves, reviews and summarises recent vascular research into a quick digestible format  http://www.sonographers.org/


Australian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM)

This society is aimed at all medical uses of ultrasound, ASUM have created a community using the ASUM connect platform; discussing current ideas and up and coming events. ASUM also offers a number of recordings of events that have taken place throughout year. http://www.asum.com.au/


Being part of a society does also bring the benefit of original research (which may only be available to members), educational material, and discounts on events. I appreciate that with the cost of living nowadays extra expenses can be hard to justify, but some of these societies are not that expensive, in fact some are free.  We can potentially spend hundreds on attending a national conference, this may be a lower cost alternative if you are located regionally, or your life-circumstance makes being away from home is difficult.

In conclusion if you just want points for CPD, one society will more than likely deliver that for you.  But if you want to gain a greater depth of knowledge, it may be worth exploring additional societies. There are definitely low-cost, high-quality societies out there that can help you grow as a sonographer.



Dan is a highly experienced vascular sonographer on the Sunshine Coast.  
He has a passion for vascular education; lecturing at local, national and
international levels and also holds a position as an adjunct fellow with
Western Sydney University involved in their vascular course design.
The philosophy Dan takes with his educational teaching, is to find
ways to cover vascular topics in a style that sonographers will easily
understand (and remember!).
You can follow him on Insta to pick up useful tips and tricks,
evidence based know-how and takeaways from
any interesting or new articles  @vascular_bites  





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