Our Team

Sonos For Sonos is a specialist recruitment service; run by sonographers, for sonographers!

We work closely with employers and sonographers, prioritising placements of the highest compatibility.
We make the employment process an easy and positive experience for everyone involved.
We work exclusively with sites that provide a positive and safe work space, so their staff are able to thrive.
We place sonographers with not only the right skill set, but with a great work attitude as well!

Bottom line; if you are a sonographer or an employer in the industry; we are your people!



Prue is a radiographer and sonographer with over 15 years of experience, working in the UK, New Zealand and all over Australia! Passionate about her field, Prue LOVES to share her enthusiasm, knowledge, and awesome opportunities with her fellow sonographers, to enable them to get the most out of their career and life experiences.

Prue is our industry specialist, and uses her in-depth understanding of the field to ensure that Sonos For Sonos remains 100% focused on meeting industry needs in an ethical and transparent way.

Prue is also a fierce advocate for the eradication of bullying in the workplace, and bases her business on the values of honesty and respect.


Jen has been kicking around the industry for over 13 years, she really knows her way around recruitment and supporting both sides of the fence! She’s lived and worked in the UK, South Australia and Queensland and brings a wealth of experience to our team. 
Jen is our placement pro – liaising between sites and sonos to make sure the pairing is absolutely right. She’s all about matching the person to the placement for a fit that suit their skills and circumstances. Jen is invested in ensuring everyone she works with enjoys a positive (and transparent) experience!
When she’s not locking in locums, she’s a book buff with a pocket Rocket (dog) and shares Prue’s love for indoor pot plants. What more could we ask for?!


Mel has worked in high level administration for over 15 years and also has a passion for interior styling (our office is now beautifully spruced!). She knows her way around Australia, having lived and worked in Toowoomba, Brisbane, Coffs Harbour and Darwin.

Mel orchestrates the administration, credentialing, logistics and general communications for the team. She’s renown for her attention to detail and loves helping to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible for our sonos.

When not at work, Mel loves spending time at the beach with her young family.


Chrissy has a background of over 16 years in Allied Health, working in the public healthcare systems in both Australia and the UK. She’s enthusiastic to a concerning degree about combining work and adventure!

Chrissy is passionate about quality healthcare provision and opportunities for professional growth for health care workers and is therefore in charge of our sono mail, blogs, socials and extra bits and bobs like the permanent jobs board.

Fun fact – when she locumed in London, she provided healthcare in the home via a bicycle!

He doesn’t show his face much…😆 BUT he does make sure the sonos get paid!
He’s a sook and we love him to bits.