Running Sonos For Sonos

Not one to sit around when she has a good idea, in the middle of locum life, Prue hatched a plan to create a locuming agency that catered solely to sonographers.  Seven years in and no regrets! 


Give us your sono-stats!

Pretty simple, really:

Radiography – QUT in Bris ( 2005-2007), PDY at Wesley in 2008

UK in 2009 (travelled in a clapped out camper with another rad friend Emma Klein (nee Philp) – what a cack!

2009 – locumed as a general and CT Rad in London at sites like St Mary’s, Charing Cross, and Royal Free.  Loved the pace of the major trauma centres – insanity!

2011 – Heard from a rad friend (Tori Stanley – what a legend!) that there was an ultrasound training position going at Wellington Base Hospital – applied and got the role – jumped on a plane from London to New Zealand having never been to Wellington before.

2012 – Trained for 2.5 years between the radiology and Maternal Fetal Medicine departments at Wellington Hospital – what an experience, and what an incredible place to live and work.  Made lifelong friends amongst the crew there – Laura Bjerring (nee Neuss) Stu McGregor, Jules Brosnahan, Alli Kearns – bunch of legends!

2015 – Moved back to Aus (Sydney) – worked for Southern Radiology under the beautiful Michele Dowling, which then got munched up by Capital Radiology, and we all jumped off the ship!  Spent 6 months at St Vincent’s Private in Darlinghurst and made awesome friends with the crew there too before deciding I hated the city and wanted to get back to the bush.


You locumed once, didn’t you?

Started in far North QLD, headed to Western Australia (many times – the bush/beach combo of the south-west takes my breath away!), worked on the NSW coast (more awesome friendships made there!), up in the cape, and back in the outback, which is where my heart is. There’s no place like the bush! I started using one agency, but that recruiter ignored all my questions related to the actual job of ultrasound so I tried another, who sent my CV out to a dozen sites without my permission (class move!) I contacted another agency who were GREAT (Aussie Locums, you guys  rock!) At this stage though, I started to veer away from agencies and arrange my own placements, all the while thinking “surely – I could do the recruitment parlaver better than this?”


How on earth did you come to run SFS?

My idea of being able to support sonos better than the available agencies morphed into  dipping a toe in, while I was locuming full time – I had a couple of bags and a laptop!  I worked full-time as a locum sono during the day and at night, was building a website, contacting all the sites and sonos I knew, and drawing on all of the good people I had met along my locum journey for their knowledge and for their wishlist in a specialised sonography agency.  Support came rolling in from every nook and cranny – you all know who you are. I’ll be grateful for you all for the rest of my days! I met my now-husband while still locuming – we travelled together in a camper trailer to WA and back (while running Sonos For Sonos – that was quite the experience in itself!). We now live on the Sunshine Coast in QLD with our 3 boys and enormous golden retriever, Oakley. Oakley is integral to all business decisions.  Our SFS HQ is 100m from Marcoola Beach – #WINNING!


What do you love about running a sonography specific business?

I care DEEPY about what we do – anyone who has met me knows that (I’m annoyingly enthusiastic!).  I love ultrasound, but more than that, I LOVE people – I am borderline obsessed with supporting people, and helping them experience the best that their career and life can offer them. I love getting excited with people and helping them plan adventures, and grow in their professional skills and as a person – it’s a really rewarding task to be able to be able to offer guidance, advice and support and give confidence to help a person fly, which I feel like we do really well here at Sonos For Sonos.  The internal team here is outstanding – everyone cares to the Nth degree, and work tirelessly to ensure our sonos are supported, organised, well-informed and able to enjoy their experience. I look around at what we’ve built and pinch myself. This is the  best gig in the world!!







FYI – Prue did not require monetary exchange for any of the content in our blog but she did demand a rather excessive amount of chocolate and insist she was not shown the final draft. 😆