Sono Feature – Being Your Own Boss

Ever considered setting up your own imaging practice? We talked to Jarrod French on his motivations and experience setting up his sonographer run clinic in Burnie and why he’s branched out to create a franchising option. As a teenager, Jarrod had an x-ray on his ankle and a conversation with the radiographer led him to his undergraduate degree at CSU.  He’s worked in Australia, the UK and now owns and operates his own ultrasound clinic in North-West Tassie.


Running your own practice sounds…hard. What drove you to branch out on your own? 

I disliked the lack of control I had in previous roles.  I saw the way things ran (zero sonographer recognition, illogical protocols, unnecessary waiting times for scans that don’t take long to do), and wanted to get in and change this.  A sonographer does 95% of the work, yet rarely gets recognition for using their knowledge and skill set that directly affects the outcome of the patient. As an owner-operator, I’m the face of my clinic – and I love it.

Why did you think there was a need for a sonographer run service? 

The predominant reason was the waiting times for a scan, and the time-sensitive nature of the scans we do, whether it’s a suspicious lesion or someone dealing with acute pain that has treatment pending on your findings.  I also envisioned a clinic where it was not a corporate feel, where patients are rushed in and out – instead a modern, boutique clinic where ultrasound is performed at the highest standard.

What made you come up with the franchising idea? 

Our clinic took several years to get to this point, with lots of blood, sweat and tears along the way. We now feel like we’ve got the formula sorted, and want to help other sonographers get to this point – without the risk and stress of starting from nothing.

Soooo…how does franchising work? 

A sonographer that joins our network gets their own clinic, independently run by themselves. We provide branding (unless you want your own!), remote server use, branch licenses for PACS/RIS and Medicare billing, professional accreditation, radiology reporting, and our unique online marketing and advertisement campaigns.  Start-up capital is crucial, and these inclusions not only amount to substantial savings, but allow you to launch your clinic almost instantly, saving you years of preparation.

Where do you see this going? 

My vision is to support a network of business owners running their independent clinics, providing the systems and methods we’ve used for them to succeed. Getting to a point where we discuss strategies and help each other succeed (as well as an annual company retreat!) is our aim.




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