Locuming with a Dog


Whether you are locuming with a dog, children or caravan set-up, it’s always good to know what you need to plan for and learn from others that have gone before you. We’ve had many a locum that has travelled with their lassie in tow – here are a few tips and tricks they have shared along the way!

Accommodation is the biggest consideration when looking at locuming with a dog. A yard that is completely enclosed is essential. Airbnb is your best friend and presenting your potential employer with a few options as early as possible seems to be the easiest way to manage accommodation.

South Australia and Western Australia are very dog friendly, whether it’s the local pub, cafe, beaches, parks or campgrounds. Once you get out of any metropolitan region, dog rules are generally quite relaxed.

Wiki camps is your best friend for looking up potential dog friendly places. Having a dog is not particularly restricting in regards to visiting places. Lots of national parks have kennels at the ranger stations that you can leave your pup in if you’re heading into the park for the day. Otherwise you won’t have any trouble finding other dog owners happy to do a dog swap, so everyone has the opportunity to go to non-dog friendly regions.

Unfortunately there is no list of National Parks that actually have kennels. But you can just call ahead if you know of a NP that you will definitely go to. QLD and NSW national parks are a bit hit and miss for supplying kennels. Best reports are from SA and WA.

It’s worth keeping paper copies of your dog’s vaccination work and keeping on top of their yearly injections. Parvo is the main one that you should be up to date with. Ticks are a big issue, especially up north. Consider routine nexguard, tick collar and a visual checks.

Mad paws is a good app to use, if you need a dog sitter.

This is a quick list of places in WA NP specific where you can have dogs on leash:

    • Big Brook Arboretum,
    • Blackwood River National Park – Sues Bridge,
    • Warner Glen,
    • Lane Poole Reserve – Baden Powell,
    • Charlies Flat,
    • Chuditch,
    • Nanga Brook,
    • Nanga Mill,
    • Nanga Townsite,
    • Stringers,
    • Tonys Bend,
    • Yarragil,
    • Logue Brook,
    • Rapids Conservation Park
    • Canebrook Pool,
    • Stockton Lake.


Happy locuming with a lassie!