Working Holidays

See It All!!

It's a big wide world out there, and sonographers have it ALL at their fingertips!  Whether you want to ski the slopes of Queenstown, New Zealand, or laze on the beaches of the Whitsundays, Australia; Sonos For Sonos can get you there!

Professional Registrations; De-Bunked!

Professional registration and applications; it is confusing enough to put you off!  Sonos For Sonos specialises in locum and contract working holidays in both Australia and New Zealand, and we can completely remove the confusion for you.  Tell us where you want to go - and leave the rest to us!

The Lucky Ones!

As sonographers, we move around the world and get great work more easily than almost ANY other field! Make the most of it!!! Let Sonos For Sonos get you started on your next big adventure!