About Us


Who We Are

Prue is a radiographer/sonographer with over 10 years of experience, working in the UK, New Zealand and all over Australia!  Passionate about travel and adventure, Prue LOVES to share her enthusiasm (and genuine excitement!) with other sonographers, and to enable them to have the same fantastic experiences, wherever they choose to be in the world!

Prue is a fierce advocate for the eradication of poor treatment in the workplace, and has a special interest in helping new sonographers find a work environment where they feel supported and safe, so they can gain more skills and confidence in their early years in the job.

Prue still scans, and plans never to give up her ultrasound!


Why We Do it

We believe that life is too short not to have the experiences you want - why wait?  Whether you are interested in travelling with your sonography, or you're just hoping to find a job where you feel completely at home and happy, we'll do our absolute best to find exactly the right thing for you; it is our genuine promise.


How We Can Help!

Sonos For Sonos is 100% sonographer owned and operated, so we perfectly understand ultrasound, and are able to match sonographers and employers in a way that benefits both as much as possible!  We are very passionate about being honest and trustworthy in the process, and we aim to achieve complete satisfaction for all parties involved; by using our knowledge of ultrasound, making our service comprehensive but still affordable for employers, and through being completely honest while excelling at what we do :)

Our service is completely FREE for sonographers; and, EVEN better, if we successfully place you in a permanent role, we will cover your next professional registration costs!!! ($470 in your pocket!  It's our gift to say; "THANKS!")

 We aim to please, and we love to help; get in touch to see how we can help you!

Proud Corporate RCSA Member