Locum Fatigue – Sound Familiar?

It’s a thing, and we think it’s important to acknowledge.

We gathered insight from 10 of our seasoned sonos who have locumed for an accumulated 30 years.

What exactly is locum fatigue, you ask… It’s different for each person, as every locum coordinates their contracts in different ways, but the most commonly reported experiences were feeling lonely, missing friends and family (homesick in a sense) and getting easily irritated by small issues, whether they are in the workplace or in your accommodation/bookings.

While the locum life has many pros, being the locum ‘workhorse’ can take it’s toll. Frequent changes of work locations, and adjusting to new machines, new systems, new people and new living arrangements can start to have an impact after a while. Not to mention getting logins and passwords setup every time you start a new gig (ARGH is there anything more irritating?!).

How can a locum minimise or avoid this dreaded fatigue?! There are a few things you can do as preventative measures…

1 – Choose the right type of site for you (e.g. busy vs paced, private vs public, regional vs remote). If you’re not sure yourself, get in touch. We have insider intel.

2 – If you know your stressors, try and address these prior to placement via your agency or with the site directly (if you are using an ABN). Being clear on the role and understanding the expectations (e.g. site rotation, scan times, caseload ratios) means no surprises.

3 – Contact your agency if you feel you need sono support. Sometimes a ear is all you need. Other times, you may need someone to negotiate on your behalf.

The GOOD news is, according to our intel, there are PLENTY of things you can do to get your locuming groove back. The number 1 recommendation across the board was…book a holiday!