Pay Negotiation

Let Us Do It For You!

Negotiating your worth is really, really tough; everyone hates doing it!  But if you don't get it right at the start, it can make things really hard.

We can negotiate for you your salary or hourly rate, training opportunities, work hours, holidays and unpaid leave; as well as deal with any other unknowns that you might be nervous approaching a potential employer about.

If you're contemplating changing jobs, have a chat with us.  Being sonographers, we know what it is like, we know the pitfalls, and we know how to make sure you avoid them - we are 100% in your corner.  Please don't get stuck with conditions you're unhappy with; there's no need, and life is too short!  Let us do the tough talking on your behalf...looking after our sonos is our THING!

And best of all...