Ultrasound New Grads

Gaining Confidence In Your Ultrasound Job

Ultrasound can be a very challenging profession, especially when starting out.  We really understand the importance of placing new grad sonographers in an environment where they feel fully supported, and able to ask for help; so they can enjoy their work, gain confidence and go on to kick goals!

Gaining Skills In Your Ultrasound Work

You can never know it all in ultrasound!  New sonographers will be on a steep learning curve for quite some time, and we endeavour to find new grads a workplace that is able to provide the training and learning opportunities required to make their ultrasound skillset well-rounded and complete.  Run entirely by sonographers, we are here as your ongoing support, and to answer any questions you may have at any stage; even regarding scanning!  You're never alone.  All the help you need is now in one place!

Getting the Ultrasound Job You Want!

It's tough lining up that first gig; and even tougher trying to determine what you are worth; no-one likes doing it.  We CAN help!

We can negotiate pay and training opportunities on your behalf, and help to iron out any other concerns you may have, prior to commencing a job.  A little peace of mind goes a long way!

Whether you are looking to specialise in obstetric ultrasound or to become a guru in MSK, Sonos For Sonos can get you where you want to go! We are now offering jobs in cities around Australia; Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, and the Gold Coast!

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