Our Mission...

Sonographers, get on board!

Our  mission is to make the experience of getting work in ultrasound less confusing/less intimidating/more simple and more FUN!

Sonos For Sonos specialises in both permanent and locum sonography roles; run BY sonographers FOR sonographers, we completely understand the pitfalls and stresses of the ultrasound world, and we're working to make the experience as easy and positive as possible for you!

A little adventure, perhaps?

With ultrasound jobs available all over Australia and New Zealand, Sonos For Sonos specialises in working holidays for sonographers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America and the UK.  If you're looking to explore our corner of the world, we can certainly help remove the confusion around visas, sponsorships, professional registrations, and anything else you need;  we've done it all before!

We'll find you just the thing!

Whether you're interested in a permanent hospital role, a locum clinic role, or a role as a new grad sonographer where you'll be properly supported; we can help place you EXACTLY where you want to be; (and, even help you negotiate your pay!)  And best of all...our service is FREE!

                     ...we'll find you just the thing you're after!!!