Locuming in New Zealand


Keen on heading over to NZ for some sightseeing and locuming? It may feel like a lot to tackle but from what we hear, it is well worth the effort! Be it for a ski season, hiking the hills or simply enjoying their coffee and wine (🙋‍♀️ that’s us!)…here are the main points to consider PLUS some intel from our very own crew! Head to the NZMRTB website for the full low-down.


Alright…you know the drill. Get your documents ready and just nail the list!

Key ones of note:

  • Qualifications (certified)
  • Evidence of registration
  • Passport & passport-style photo
  • 2 x references
  • CV and clinical log book
  • Proof you’re not a crim. 😆

Possibly a few more bits depending on where you trained and your experience!


It’s not exactly cheap, as you would expect…these things aren’t!
You need to consider both the application fee (different for dual rad/sono and sono) and Annual Practicing Certificate.
The NZMRTB are good with publishing the exact amounts – head there for specifics!


We all know submissions requiring so much paperwork rarely move quickly.

The board itself quotes up to 8 weeks…
We’ve heard from our sources it can take even longer (especially if you don’t get the paperwork quite right🙄😣) .
Best to allow for around 3 months and make sure you stay on the case if you don’t hear back!


Once your registration has been confirmed, there are still a few points to consider…

  • Similar to your annual ASAR renewal, you will need to apply for an Annual Practicing Certificate.
  • CPD points between Aus and NZ are recognised – yipeee!
  • No additional insurance required if you are already with ASA

There’s got to be some perks when coming from Australia!


  • It all needs to be submitted in one (including fees) before consideration – get organised!
  • Once you start working in NZ, you’ll need a NZ bank account and IRD number (like our TFN). Generally only takes 2 days or so!
  • Rates/salary are in NZD and they do not have a compulsory super contribution system BUT…it’s a cracking place to explore!

All good points to be aware of before heading east!


Some intel from a sono who knows their way around working internationally…

  • Get the process started EARLY
  • Get a friend or colleague to check your docs before you submit so you don’t forget anything
  • If you don’t hear from them – get in touch to check progress
  • New Zealand is BEAUTIFUL and well worth all this effort!


Get in touchif you are interested in more specifics!


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