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Endometriosis is a very topical issue in ultrasound currently and for good reason – it is estimated to affect 1 in 7 Australian women and people assigned female at birth.  It can wreak havoc on people’s lives causing pain, infertility, and poor quality of life. And while surgery has historically been the primary method of diagnosis, imaging is playing an increasingly prominent role with international guidelines now suggesting imaging should be the first step in diagnosis. So it is the perfect time to share some resources to help sonographers further their education in endometriosis imaging.


Essential Reading

My colleagues and I recently explored the evolution of endometriosis diagnosis and where ultrasound fits in our paper, Are sonographers the future ‘gold standard’ in the diagnosis of endometriosis? It also includes a handy video of how to do the scan!

Anyone attempting to perform or report an endometriosis ultrasound must read the IDEA consensus statement to understand what we are looking for and how to describe it.

There are also two handy “how-to perform an endo scan” papers: one by superstar sonographer Jing Fang and Dr Sofie Piessens and another by Dr Mathew Leonardi and Prof George Condous.

I also highly recommend A pictorial guide to the ultrasound identification and assessment of uterosacral ligaments in women with potential endometriosis to nail those elusive USLs!

If you still prefer books, then How to Perform Ultrasonography in Endometriosis should be on your bookshelf!


Upcoming event/ conferences 

Nothing really beats a good quality workshop or conference to learn new skills and if you’re keen for a trip north, I’ll be heading to Darwin in April for the ASUM endometriosis ultrasound workshop (which includes live scanning).

Our local ultrasound conferences (ASA conference and ASUM conference) typically offers a decent amount of endo content. But, if you are really keen to up the ante on your endometriosis education, consider saving the date for the World Congress of Endometriosis 2025, which will be in Sydney May 21-25.


Online Learning

While travel and conferences are great, learning online at home often fits better with our lives (and saves $$). If you’re an ASA member, you can access the deep endometriosis webinar in their online library.

ASUM have a webinar coming up from the exceptional Dr Mathew Leonardi open to members and non-members alike. ASUM members and subscribers can also access many endometriosis educational videos through their online library ASUM drive.

For the month of March, ISUOG are giving free access to their deep endometriosis VISUOG chapter! ISUOG members also have access to a plethora of videos on endometriosis imaging from previous conferences.

If you are looking for a deeper dive, the incredible Dr Sofie Piessens and her colleagues have created the website EndoSonography 101 featuring a number of teaching tools and 101 endometriosis cases you can review.



Between cat videos and memes about drinking margaritas, social media is a great place to find some endo ultrasound education.

If you’re looking for Youtube content, you can’t go past the channels from @GynaecologyUltrasound, @CityImaging and @MathewLeonardiMDPhD.

On Instagram you can find it all from ultrasound (@drlucianachamie @drmathewleonardi @imagendo_australia) to clinical info (@sydneyendometriosis @rebeccamallick @pelvicpain_research) as well as learning about the patient journey and advocacy (@endometriosisaustralia @qendoau @eat_sleep_endo_repeat).

If TikTok is your thing, two interesting follows are @drferrero and @mallorystuparichmd


Scanning for success in clinical practice

As we all know, the way a sonographer masters any scan is to just do it. But one of the big challenges is getting feedback on endo scans, especially if you’re not lucky enough to work with colleagues skilled in endo imaging. But there are unique ways to get feedback like;

  • If you have patients who are going on to surgery, ask them to let you know how their surgery goes (or get their permission to call them to follow-up)
  • Set up relationships with specialist ultrasound centres who might re-scan your patients to get feedback on your scans.
  • Connect with mentors outside of your workplace who you can send deidentified images to for feedback.
  • Reach out to your referring gynaecologists to get feedback on patients they perform surgery on. You could even sweet talk them into doing an in-service for you to all learn from each other.


About Ali

Ali is a specialist O and G sonographer from Adelaide and a world-leading expert in the utility of transvaginal ultrasound for the diagnosis of endometriosis. As one of the few sonographers with this level of expertise, she has travelled the world to speak on this topic at many international meetings. She is passionate about empowering other sonographers to gain confidence in scanning for endometriosis to help reduced diagnostic delays associated with this disease and is undertaking a PhD to discover if AI can help make endo scanning easier. Ali is currently the President of the ASUM and can be found on Instagram, TikTok and X as @AliUltrasound.








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