Sonographers Recruiting Sonographers!

Run 100% by an sonographers, we have the MASSIVE advantage of a complete understanding of medical imaging and ultrasound; allowing us to make the recruitment process as smooth as possible, while providing you with the most suitable sonographer for your workplace, with the most appropriate skill-set.

Our Services;

We offer;

  1. Thorough investigation of ultrasound appointment time scanning capabilities
  2. Full disclosure of sonographer capabilities and requirements for further training to fully meet client needs
  3. All communications with an registered and experienced sonographer
  4. The most competitive rates in the industry!

The Most Competitive Rates in the Industry - and WE NEGOTIATE!

We understand that, while recruitment is at times necessary; it is EXPENSIVE! Talk to us about our rates - we pride ourselves on offering the best service in the industry, but also, THE most affordable! We are open to negotiating rates in any situation, so we are able to make our service feasible to any organisation of any size!

We are always open to your feedback; we are 100% committed to doing the best job we can, so don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss the way you'd like the process to work.  

We are passionate about doing this RIGHT!