Volunteering – Vietnam

Allison Kearns, adventure, travel and outdoors queen, has lived and worked in locum and permanent roles across Canada, New Zealand and Australia.    Say WHAT?! You went to Vietnam for work? Tell us more! I went to Hanoi, Vietnam for 5 days with 5 other Radiology Across Borders (RAB) volunteers to deliver the VITAL PROJECT. […]

Breaking the Mould – In Bali!

MSK Australia sono Matt Gourlay gives us the background as to why he and 2 others broke out of the scanning room and delved into the world of providing CPD – they’ve been running fun, good quality conferences in Bali and Noosa for six years now.    How did MSK Australia come about?  The Australian conference […]

Location Feature – Port Lincoln

Tempted to keep this secret to herself…we twisted Isla Lucas’ arm until she spilt the beans on her recent locum in the isolated corner of South Australia. Short version – put it on your MUST SEE LIST!   What did you enjoy the most about your placement?   I had a BLAST in Port Lincoln – […]

Endometriosis – Resource Yourself

Endometriosis is a very topical issue in ultrasound currently and for good reason – it is estimated to affect 1 in 7 Australian women and people assigned female at birth.  It can wreak havoc on people’s lives causing pain, infertility, and poor quality of life. And while surgery has historically been the primary method of […]

Locum Fatigue – Sound Familiar?

It’s a thing, and we think it’s important to acknowledge. We gathered insight from 10 of our seasoned sonos who have locumed for an accumulated 30 years. What exactly is locum fatigue, you ask… It’s different for each person, as every locum coordinates their contracts in different ways, but the most commonly reported experiences were […]

Locuming with a Dog

  Whether you are locuming with a dog, children or caravan set-up, it’s always good to know what you need to plan for and learn from others that have gone before you. We’ve had many a locum that has travelled with their lassie in tow – here are a few tips and tricks they have […]

Locuming in New Zealand

  Keen on heading over to NZ for some sightseeing and locuming? It may feel like a lot to tackle but from what we hear, it is well worth the effort! Be it for a ski season, hiking the hills or simply enjoying their coffee and wine (🙋‍♀️ that’s us!)…here are the main points to consider […]